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My name is Ulfa Khaira in Arabic language it means one thousand goodness.I’m an Indonesian girl, I’m  20 years old. I was born in Jambi on December  29th 1989. I’m the first child in my family. I usually called Upe , but at home i had a small call of my self that is Uul. people says that the faces I did is not like my parents, they say my face is the combined result of my mom and my daddy. I have one young brother his name is Atar  Satria Fikri and one young sister her name is Zahrati Rizka . My daddy is a lecture in Jambi Islamic University and my mom is house wife.

When I was 1 years old , me and my family moved to Nangroe Aceh Darussalam because my daddy took a Magister Program. I lived in Aceh for  4 years, I got many experience about culture and language. When I was 4 years old I could speaking Arabic because my neighbor  is Egyptian. On 1993 my young brother  was born, my life totally changed. I became an independent little girl because anything I had done must be prepared by myself.

On 1995 me and my family came back to Jambi,  I passed my educational term in Jambi until senior high school. When I was on junior high school, I gained some achievements such as higher achiever on parallel class, first place on national technology and science competition, third place on English speech contest.

On 2008 I was selected as university student at Bogor Agricultural University  majoring Computer Science. I hope after graduate from Bogor Agricultural University I will take my master degree in Europe or Australia. I must study hard, practicing, and praying in order  that my dreams come true.

My activities at campus are studying , discuss with my friend,  searching and diving on internet. I have a lot of hobbies, I like watching TV, reading, writing a short story, having fun with my friends, collecting stamp. If I had to tell about my personality, I would say that, at the first sight I’m a person who seems a little shy, but, when people begin to know me a little bit, I’m very talkative. I like talking of everything. I’m also a very cheerful, friendly, and curious person ; I am keen to learn a lot of things, School is very important for me and I try my best to have good marks and have a good job later as a lecture.

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